Gmail in Google Chrome already opens all email links by default, if you want Google mail to do the same in Firefox, then follow the steps mentioned below. Firefox uses Windows Operating System’s default email client like Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail or Outlook to open email links, but if you want webmail service like Gmail to set as default email program in Firefox browser, you can do that easily.

Setting Gmail web email service as Default Mail client in Firefox browser on Windows 

1. From Firefox Menu button select Options>Options

2. Once Options dialog window appears select “Applications” panel,

3. Select mail:to and from drop-down menu choose “Use Gmail”

Firefox Applications panel

4. Click OK  to save the changes.

From now onwards all email links will be opened in Gmail in Firefox.

Tip: If you want to set your favorite Outlook or Thunderbird as default email client On Windows Vista/7

1. Click on Start menu and click on “Default Programs”

2. In the Default Programs dialog window >Set your Default Programs

3. Select the email client which you wish to set as default and click on “Set this program as default”.

4. Click “OK” to save the changes.