If you’re wondering where is Turbo mode? in Opera Next 15, that has been released a while back, let me tell you that has been renamed to Off-Road mode. FYI, Opera’s most popular Turbo mode loads web pages faster on slower connections by compressing images on their servers. Even more, Opera has introduced Off-Road Mode as a new feature in Opera 15 beta version with SPDY support which is not true, because Opera 12.12 has already came with SPDY support for Turbo, that means SPDY sites supposed to load more faster using proxy connection when this mode was turned on.

Enabling and disabling Off-Road mode in Opera 15

You can enable or turn on Off-Road mode by selecting “off-Road Mode” from Opera menu and similarly you can disable or turn off Off-Road mode by reselecting it again.

Opera menu

Off-Road mode not only loads pages faster on limited-bandwidth connections but also saves you bandwidth.

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At present, unlike to Opera’s ability in current stable versions like 12.12 and earlier, Opera 12.15 doesn’t prompt you to turn on Off-Road mode when slower connection is detected. And when you switch to faster connection, Off-Road mode won’t be turned off automatically. For now, you need to manually toggle this feature.