Yesterday, Opera has released Next 15 version for Windows and Mac, Opera saying Opera 15 is not clone of something (Chrome) and “Our mission didn’t change – we’re going to bring you the best Internet experience. We are on the way to build the best browser out there”. Opera has planned to follow Chrome like Release cycle with three versions for desktop Opera-Opera Developer, Opera Next and Opera Stable.

Opera’s Turbo Mode becomes Off-Road Mode in Opera 15

Opera release channels: Opera Developer is development build, lets you to test all new features, Opera Next is equivalent to beta. And Opera polishes Next for next final version. Opera stable, made available for all users.

Opera release channels

When is Opera Developer will be available? answer is after Opera 15 stable release. Opera hasn’t said the date given when it will be available.

Opera says link, themes, support, geolocation, rich tab bar, richer settings/configuration and more coming in future versions. Some already under work in progress, since they’re not stable- that’s why they’re disabled.

Have you noticed there is no bookmarking feature/icon in Opera 15? has it been replaced by Stash. Opera says they offer slash and speed dials at the moment. Its official, there will be no 64-bit version for Opera 15.