Opera Next version 15 which will use Chromium source code and Webkit rendering engine instead of Presto has been released for Windows and Mac for testing. Opera 15 Next changelog notes this version has everything new from features, rendering engine, UI, capabilities, and auto silent updates. Opera has nixed its Mail client, RSS and Link features and Opera Mail is available as standalone product for Mac and Windows.

Opera Next development version can be installed and used along with stable version much like to Chrome Canary, read Why You Should Use Chrome Canary along with Stable Version.

Opera 15 version preview Windows and Mac

Opera 15, what’s new

  • Address bar and search bar have been combined into one smartbox similar to that of Chrome’s Omnibox.
  • Speed Dial has been improved- “Opera 15 allows you to combine Speed Dial entries into groups, and introduces a search function that filters through entries.”
  • On Opera’s Speed Dial, you’ll find two new features: Stash and Discover.
  • Stash reminds you of bookmark button, but its not that. Stash lets you temporarily store webpages with information like location, meta data, and a screenshot. You can see stashed pages on Speed dial for access.
  • Discover “displays news and topical content that can be filtered by category or location/language.”.
  • Off-Road mode: Opera 15 adopts the server-side compression technology used by Opera Mobile

If you’re curious to know whether this Opera is actually using Chrome source code along with webkit engine, from Opera menu button select “about opera”.

Download Opera Next 15.