How many times in a day you close the browser and work with other programs on your computer?. These days most people spend their times on web in browser by visiting social networking sites YouTube, Google+ and Facebook. If you use Firefox browser through out the day then why you need to switch to desktop to open some programs and to run system commands? which you can do easily from add-on  bar of Firefox browser by installing Easy Access add-on.

Using Easy Access is easy, install it and its icon appears on extreme right on Add-on bar(status bar functionality moved and replaced with Add-on Bar). You don’t even need to add some routinely used programs on windows like Notepad, Paint, Calculator and My computer as they’re already available from Easy Access button.

You can add most often used  applications like CCleaner, Chrome and other by clicking on “Mange your own Easy Access” and from customize your quick launch you can browse for the path of application to add and access from add-on bar.

Easy Access add-on button

There is nothing great about this extension, but we got to know that it is possible to launch Windows Applications from Firefox browser through this add-on.

Add customized quicklaunces in Easy Access

You can install this add-on from here. What do you say about this add-on? have you found any use with this? share with us in comments.