What’s happening? security vendors into the Ad Blocking business?, we’ve written Avast has offered popular Adblock Plus as AD Blocker in version 8, now another security software making company Lavasoft gets into the act. This company has today announced in their blog that they will offer Beta version of its Ad-Blocker, and boasts it will be the best ad blocking application ever.

Ad-Blocker from Lavasoft

“We are proud to announce that our Ad-Blocker Beta will be available soon…

We’re currently working around the clock in ensuring that this will be the best ad blocking application out there!

You can soon enjoy surfing the web without those annoying ads, pop-ups and video ads…  This means that you can increase your online privacy and reduce the chance of being a victim of malware or scams.”.

As we all know during beta version all products are free to test, but we’ve to wait and see whether Lavasoft integrates their Ad-Blocker into their products or makes it available as standalone paid application.

Do we really need Ad-Blocker where Popular Ad Block Plus is doing its job in blocking annoying ads on websites? share your thoughts with us in comments.