Sure, there is an extension available that lets you disable all Chrome extensions with a single click, but this extension will only be helpful when you able to launch the browser. But if Chrome browser fails to load and crashes due to an installed extension or two, then what a user should do?.

Well, a reader experienced this situation and posted a comment on blog post Chrome about:conflicts page that tells conflicting software with Chrome as “I tried to open chrome. it always crashes. How to disable extensions when chrome not opening?” .

Know All Permissions Given to Installed Chrome Extensions

Disabling all installed Chrome extensions at once on startup of the browser

The problem here is Chrome doesn’t offer safe mode like to Firefox, which lets you troubleshoot issues in Mozilla browser by disabling all or some add-ons. Don’t worry! A command line switch for Chrome is available for this purpose.

What you need to do is

1. Right click on the Chrome shortcut on desktop and select “properties”

2. In the ‘Target’ field at the end of Chrome.exe after giving a space Add --disable-extensions (two single hyphens) and click ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’ to apply the switch.

Chrome disable extensions command line switch

3. Now you’ll be able to open Chrome browser with all extensions turned off.

How to backup and restore Google Chrome Extensions

This solves the problem partially, if you have trouble in finding the culprit extension

  • Close Chrome browser and navigate to extensions folder mentioned below and delete all extension related folders manually.
  • Chrome installed extensions directory or folder in Windows : C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions

Summary: To launch Chrome without extensions, you need to add a command line switch to Google browser.