Yesterday we’ve covered how to set Foxit Reader default Zoom to 100%, today we’re going to share another useful tip for Foxit Reader users -that is how to hide Start page and ad showed by Foxit.

Foxit Reader by default on startup and when running, shows its start page with two column layout for its products for promotional purposes: first one, History shows list of recently opened files and, second, Phantom lists features of Foxit PhantomPDF standard and Business editions with an ad at left corner to “buy Foxit” (check the screenshot below).

Not over!, and when you’ve loaded more than two PDFs including Start Page, Foxit shows a text ad for its products on the extreme right on top. If you’ve found both the start page and advertisement as unnecessary, then you can disable them easily.

Foxit Reader Start page with ad

Hide or disable Foxit Reader Start page and advertisement in the Application

1. From Edit menu, select Preferences, you can also use the Ctrl+K shortcut instead to launch the Preferences dialog

2. Once Preferences dialog window opens, select “General” preference on the left and on the right below “Application Startup” uncheck for both “Show Start page” and “Show advertisement” options.

Foxit Reader application Strartup settings

3. Click “OK” to save the changes to the application.

4. From now onwards, whenever you open Foxit Reader, you’ll see grayed empty window on the screen and no ads will appear on extreme right side of window when PDFs were opened.

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Happy PDF viewing..

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