Google Keep, simple note taking service got an Chrome web app, the specialty of this app is it works even offline too. Chrome Web store asks you to sign in to get the app launcher when you click on “Add to Chrome”you can skip that and install app directly too. After installing the app you can see and access it from the New Tab Page.

Chrome keep app works offline that means any notes you create when there is no internet connection will be synced across Google Drive, Android, on web when connection is restored. This app is of size 7.6 MB so it does take a while to install.

Google Keep Chrome App available on Chrome Web Store

Google has announced about this app on Google Drive blog” Today, with the launch of a new Chrome app, Google Keep is even easier to access on your computer using Chrome.

The Google Keep Chrome app launches in its own window, so you can create notes, cross out your to-do lists, and attach photos to tasks while you work on other things. And if you don’t have an internet connection, don’t fret: the Chrome app works offline because we all know that ideas (big and small) can be sparked at any time.”.

Google Keep Chrome App Window

Here is the link for Keep Chrome App on Chrome Web Store.

Which note taking service you like most? feature filled Evernote or simpler Google Keep let me know in comments.