Google Chrome on dev and canary builds soon to get Reset Profile Settings feature, at present Chromium build got this feature and is present behind a flag. This feature in Chrome to allow users to reset Profile settings when modified by malware. Firefox has already reset feature integrated into browser available at any time for access from troubleshooting information or about:support page where Chrome to make this option available in Settings.

UpdateChrome 29 Gets Reset Button, Know When to Use It

Reset Profile Settings button lets you reset

  • Default Search Engine
  • Homepage
  • Content Settings
  • Cookie and site data
  • Extensions, new tab page and themes

Reset Profile Settings Dialog

How malware modifies Chrome Profile Settings? answer is through an extension like AVG Secure Search for instance. If Chrome settings like homepage, default Search engine, New Tab Page have been hijacked by malicious extension then you need to manually make the changes and restore the default ones, that takes a lot of time.

With Reset Profile Settings button Chrome makes these things auto magically for you with a single click.

How to enable or test Chrome’s upcoming Reset feature?

1. Download new Chromium Build.

2. Run Chromium and visit Chrome://flags in browser

3. Find Enable Reset Profile Settings flag and click on Enable link below it or you can directly enable flag by visiting the URL chrome://flags/#enable-reset-profile-settings in omnibox.

4. Relaunch the browser.

Now visit chrome://settings page as you can  see Reset section at the bottom, under advanced settings with the text “Things got out of control? Revert your Chrome profile to a clean, post install state.”

Reset section in Chrome Settings

Click on “Reset Profile Settings” button to see the feature in action. You can deselect items you don’t want to reset for example if your default Search engine has been altered then you can leave “Default Search Engine” setting as selected and uncheck other ones, useful isn’t it?.

Found via Francois.