Few months back, Mozilla demoed the WebRTC chat between Firefox and Google Chrome browsers, if you remember it, it got a lot of attention. Interested webmasters who want to start WebRTC chat from their websites can add the widget code made available by Mozilla (same is also posted below for your convenience) and get the video chat going with another person.

Firefox and Chrome browser users also can try the demo of WebRTC Video chat with their friends. At present, WebRTC chat first version allows only two persons to have chat with each other.

WebRTC Video chat widget code to embed on Websites or blogs

<!– Begin Fresh Tilled Soil Video Chat Embed Code –>
<div id=”freshtilledsoil_embed_widget” class=”video-chat-widget”></div>
<script id=”fts” src=”http://freshtilledsoil.com/embed/webrtc-v5.js?r=FTS0316-CZ6NqG97″></script>
<!– End Fresh Tilled Soil Video Chat Embed Code –>

UpdateMozilla Names WebRTC Feature as ‘Firefox Hello’, Available on Firefox beta for Testing

Once you insert the code on a webpage in your site, to start WebRTC video chat, enter the channel/room name, click “start chat” button and ask your friend or other person waiting at the other end to enter the same room to start.

Note: You must be trying WebRTC video chat on Firefox nightly or latest Chrome stable channel.

Testing WebRTC demo on Nexus 7 tablet

If you’re using a tablet like Nexus 7, make sure to use beta version of Chrome in it and the device should be running Android OS and Chrome browser. If these requirements are met, then launch Chrome, visit about:flags and search for “WebRTC” flag and enable it.

The video showed below is WebRTC chat demo between Nexus 7 and MacBook Air (both running Chrome without any plugins and add-ons).

Watch the video on YouTube

If you’re a tech savvy user interested in testing WebRTC chat demo in Firefox or Chrome browser, visit this URL in browser and invite your friend to visit the same web address, enter the room name and tell its name to your friend and start chatting. More details can be found here.