Today Mozilla to officially release Firefox 21 for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms with new features and improvements over the previous version. Significant new features are: three options for Do Not Track feature, Firefox Health Report and notification about slow startup of browser. Since we’ve already covered how to disable Firefox health report in the browser, with this article we’re going to tell you how to disable Slow startup notification Firefox shows when you launch the browser.

Though the notification to speedup takes you to their help page with the title “Firefox takes a long time to startup”. As we all know reasons are many for this and the page suggests to use reset Firefox feature, change homepage, change how windows and tabs are loaded etc.

Firefox support page may not that much helpful in improving startup speedup of Firefox try the below tips instead.

But to speed up Firefox loading times I recommend you to

  • remove add-ons and plugins which you no longer use, there are some add-ons can consume more memory you can find out those with about:addons-memory extension.
  • Turn on click to play.
  • And Mozilla has already took some steps regarding startup time improvements for their  browser likes of tabs on demand feature for Snappy project.  With this feature Firefox loads last facing tab form previous session on startup, all other tabs won’t be loaded until selected.
  • You can also make Firefox more responsive by suspending background tabs using add-on developed ABP author.

If you still think this notification will help you, leave it. Otherwise  you can get rid of it easily here is how.

Disabling Slow Startup Notification in Firefox 21

1. Visit about:config in the browser

2. As usual, click on “I’ll be careful, I promise”,

3. Now find browser.slowstartup.notificationDisabled preference and double click to set to true.

Firefox 21 Slowstartup notification preference

You may want to read the changes happened during Firefox 21 development from below links.