Security vendor F-Secure has made Safe Profile Beta app for Facebook users available for feedback. This app let them access all safety and privacy issues in Facebook account from one place. Without need for you to keep up with the changes made by Facebook this app stays up-to-date with Facebook’s frequent changes and alerts you about the same. F-Secure says this app is easy to use and understand.

On first attempt we could not install the app, but on refreshing the page it was installed and started scanning Facebook Profile. Safety Profile app scans your profile and generates safety score. 

“After scanning, Safe Profile gives a rating for the account’s privacy. It displays any potential issues – for example, if your status updates are visible publically or if Secure Browsing is disabled – and makes recommendations for more secure settings, with help in how to fix the issues. Safe Profile does not store personal user data.” reads Safe Profile app page on Facebook.

F-Secure Safe Profile Safety Scrore

Safe Profile Safety Score: We’ve got score of 8/10 for our profile, the app has found 3 privacy issues and recommended to change their settings. Here are those issues:my friends list, status updates and contact details were visible to public.

“Security and privacy is at the core of what we do, and with the privacy concerns associated with social networks, we’re excited to be working to provide protection for those users,” says Nordgren. “Our slogan is ‘Protecting the irreplaceable’ – and what is more irreplaceable than your privacy, your reputation?”

Remember this app can access your email address, news feed, status update, photos, videos and your friends photos. After installing the app you can remove this app at any time by visiting “App Settings” page in Facebook. You can install this Facebook app from here after logging into your account.

Have you tested this app? what’s your safety score? share with us in comments.