Finally, by using its SMS service, Twitter now allows users to set up two-factor authentication for their accounts which, when turned on, requires user to a enter special login code sent by Twitter to phone to logon to the site apart from entering the password. Twitter calls this security feature as login verification.

11 Tips to Secure Your Twitter Account

Enabling Login Verification for your Twitter account

1. Sign into your Twitter account using your username and password.

2. Click on your Profile icon and select ‘Settings and Privacy’

3. If you’re already added your Phone to your Twitter account,  check ‘Verify login requests’ under ‘Security’ for ‘Login Verification’.

4. Click start to receive a login code as SMS to your mobile phone.

5. Enter your password and verify it to enroll in login verification.

6. Enter verification code received on your your mobile to confirm your Phone number, that’s it login verification has been enabled for your Twitter account

You need to enter the verification code send by Twitter along with your username and password whenever you sign into service.

Cons or problems with Twitter login verification

You need to enter code send my Twitter every time when you login to your account, that can be annoying. And no trusted PC option which Google and Dropbox offers. Even more, there is no “resend code” again option when you don’t receive the code.

Disable or deactivate Twitter login verification

1. Visit Twitter account Settings page.

2. Uncheck “verify login requests’, re-enter your password to save changes to your account.