Version 2.3 for freeware Lightweight PDF viewer, SumatraPDF has been released with new features and improvements. This version brings more configurability to the PDF Viewer by allowing users to edit settings of it. By opening SumatraPDF’s settings text file you can able to tweak and customize look of program to your liking for instance you can make this program to exit by pressing Esc button after turning “EscToExit” value to true. Like this  you can tweak and customize SumatraPDF and get more of out.

Editing SumatraPDF Settings

SumatraPDF-settings.txt file can be found in %APPDATA%\SumatraPDF directory. Take Run command help to access that directory. You can also able to open this text file, by selecting “Advanced Options“from Settings Menu.

Here are the other new features of SumatraPDF 2.3 apart from greater configurability via advanced settings

  • "Go To Page" in ebook ui
  • Added View/Manga Mode menu item for Comic Book (CBZ/CBR) files
  • Two new key bindings were added :  Ctrl-Up : page up
                                                                              Ctrl-Down : page down
  • Added support for OpenXPS documents.
  • Supports Deflate64 in Comic Book (CBZ/CBR) files.
  • Fixed missing paragraph indentation in EPUB documents.
  • Printing with "Use original page sizes" no longer centers pages on paper
  • 1 MB size has been reduced from installer now of 3.87 MB size.

SumatraPDF v2.3

Though SumatraPDF is not packed with features, it provides basic functionality to open and view PDF files in its program and inline in browsers through its extensions. This PDF Reader is definitely not bloat ware and consumes less system resources when compared to other PDF Readers that are available today on internet.

Download SumatraPDF 2.3