We’ve reviewed WinZip 17 back in Oct, 2012, now 17.5 update for the program has been released by WinZip Computing and they’re saying it as a major update. WinZip 17.5  evolved with more easier interface and runs even more faster than before when performing backup and securing large files thanks to enhanced compression and encryption engine.

What’s new in WinZip 17.5

New enterprise controls: WinZip 17.5 adds new enterprise controls to its comprehensive set of
network installation tools, allowing IT department to ensure that WinZip is used in accordance with company policies.

Cloud sharing controls: Enable or disable access to all or some cloud services, so that files are
shared securely on approved sites.

Conversion controls: Disable conversion features, including convert to PDF, add watermarks
or resize images.
Security controls: Set and enforce encryption and password protocols to ensure employees adhere to company security policies when sharing files.

WinZip 17.5


WinZip prompts you to install AVG Security Toolbar and set AVG Secure Search as default search provider and new tab page for browser.Toolbar during the setup, so make sure to avoid it all you need to do is just uncheck that option.

Strangely WinZip 17.5 has included System Scanner component in program, so that when you unzip a zip file for first time after the  install, WinZip shows a pop up to run its Performance analyzer to find file and registry issues that could impact your system performance.

If you click yes WinZip System Scanner will run. We don’t recommend to run it because it has found lot of junk files and registry errors.

No offline installer is provided on WinZip website for this version. Don’t worry here is WinZip 17.5’s official offline/standalone installer link, of size 96 MB. You can always download WinZip 17.5 online from its website here.