Google Chrome 29 now available on dev channel for all Windows (except Windows 8), Chrome Frame and Linux. Jason Kersey from Chrome team says in Chrome Releases blog” This build has a large number of bug fixes and other new items”.  You can checkout this link for all changes in this version. This release fixes a known issue related to Google Maps Preview Where globe displays black.

Jason Kersey replied to comments why Chrome 29 not available for dev channel on Windows 8 “We had a bug that prevented the browser from being launched that wasn’t fixed in time for this Dev. release, but only on Win 8. Rather than holding back this week’s Dev. channel release (first 29) we decided to hold back only the Win 8 push. We’ll have a new Dev. out next week (for all versions of Windows).

chrome 29 dev channel Windows

For those interested, here is the bug:”.

You can expect next dev channel update to offer Chrome 29 on Windows 8 next week. Its tough to find new features through SVN revision log if we spot any new features in Chrome 29 we’ll let you know. So stay tuned.