Stable build version 2.0.10 for Dropbox for Windows, Mac and Linux has been released and available for download from Dropbox home page. As you know it takes more time for installed Dropbox client on your computer to pickup this update, if you can’t wait that long you can manually download and install this Dropbox build.

What’s new in Dropbox 2.0.10

  • Fix installation error on Windows.
  • Fix some issues in High DPI mode on Windows.
  • Fix icon overlays not updating on Tiger.
  • Fix inability to open Tray menu in Linux when disconnected.
  • Fix the tray popup positioning on Windows when an RTL language is used.

To check Dropbox version you’ve installed hover mouse pointer over its tray icon.

Dropbox v2.0.10

Let me clarify you that you can switch from Dropbox experimental to Stable and vice versa without any issues. Experimental build allows Dropbox team to test new features like web Installer and tray pop-up  menu and get feedback before they’ve been made available to all stable build users.