As a Blogger I am always looking for ways to speed up my site for readers, that’s why you don’t see any Facebook widgets or G+ badges here on techdows, but we’ve provided links for them on right of sidebar. To improve page loading speed WordPress self hosted blogs can use plugin like from Yahoo, but the problem for me is its not allowing to publish posts from Windows live writer by showing invalid server response error.

Then we started hunting for PNG images optimizer program, first we’ve found PNGOUT commercial version, tested it for 30 days and it worked pretty well. But we don’t know how effective it is until we compare with another program.

Later we’ve found PNGGauntlet freeware program for Windows that it self uses three image optimizing programs filters including PNGOUT, so it is power of three, including PNGOUT. We’ve compared PNG image sizes optimized with PNGOUT and PNGGaunlet, latter always gave the best reduction in size. 

Reduce PNG File Image sizes with PNGGauntlet

Using PNGGaunlet: Using this program is easy, you just need to drag and drop PNG image(s) to program window or you can add images from File menu also. Click on “optimize” button and the program will do the rest but compression takes some time so you need to wait till it completes. You can check “overwrite original files” on top of program  to avoid duplicates which also helps to save some hard drive space.

Caesium: Compress Images with Different Compression Settings without Loss of Quality


One discomfort or inconvenience we felt with this program is that every time we need to manually click on “optimize” button instead we want automatic optimization process to be done  with drag and drop of Image which PNGOUT offers. We’ve contacted about this for developer but got not response from him.

PNGGauntlet options

Which freeware PNG Optimizer do you use on Windows? share with us in comments.