Traditional New Tab Page which is available for all Google Chrome users on all channels like stable, bet and dev. is same. As you know Chrome team already testing another New Tab Page for Mac, Linux, Windows and Chrome OS platforms that has Google Search box included and shows thumbnails for most visited sites below it got an update- “Recently Closed” section that shows recently closed tabs has been renamed to “Recent Tabs” and has been added to Chrome menu.

Here is what happened so far:

1. To test New Tab Page 5 (NTP5), visit about:flags in Chrome dev. or canary build,

2. Find and enable “Enable Instant Extended API” flag and restart the browser to view the New Tab Page that shows search box at the center.

3. Total thumbnails for most visited sites that appears below increased from 4 to 8.

4. And you can see and access “Recent Tabs” Sub menu from Chrome menu.

Chrome Recent Tabs sub menu

What’s your take on progress of upcoming New Tab Page for Chrome? are you happy?share your thoughts with us in comments.