We’ve covered how to remove recently offered Paid SecureLine VPN for Avast 8 through the program update, this minor program update has rebranded WebRep and offered new extension including the WebRep in it for supported browsers called Avast Online Security Plugin. This extension supposed to protect users against malware and phishing sites and improves overall browser experience with crowd-sourced web-reputation ratings.

Update: For Avast 2014, read How to Uninstall or Remove Avast Online Security Plugin from Firefox, Chrome and IE browsers at Once?

How to remove green ticks Shown by Avast in Search Results?

Avast Online Security Plugin formerly Known as WebRep shows reputation ratings in search results based on feedback from millions of WebRep users. By clicking on this plugin icon in browser(s), you can able to see the rating and you can also caste your vote for the page you’re on.

Other features of Avast Online Security Plugin

  • Collects phishing site info from all users and warns if you visit them
  • User can create his own trusted pages list
  • Site content rating system
  • When combined with Avast antivirus, user will have access to the SiteCorrect feature, which automatically redirects users to legitimate URLs when mistyped

Avast’s WebRep Module Shows Reputation Ratings for Sites

Removing or Uninstalling Avast Online Security Plugin from Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers

Unless you’ve allowed this plugin on Chrome and Firefox browsers, it will be blocked and disabled by default. If you’ve enabled it later, then at any time you can easily uninstall it from Avast interface.

  • Open avast user interface
  • Click on Settings>Browser Integration, here you can see the installed status of Security Plugin and Avast Ad blocker.
  • Click on “Uninstall” button opposite for “Security Plugin Installed” to Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers to remove it.

uninstall Avast Online Security Plugin