Adobe Flash Player 11.8 Beta and AIR 3.8 Beta Now Available

by Venkat eswarlu on May 8, 2013

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First Beta versions for Adobe Flash Player 11.8 and AIR 3.8 have been released and available for download from Adobe labs with new features for testing. Flash Player 11.8 beta offers  “Recursive stop on movie clip” as new feature and enhancements for protected mode.

What’s new in Flash Player 11.8 beta

  • Sandboxing enhancements: This feature adds enhancements to the existing sandbox feature by better addressing application launches in protected mode
  • Recursive stop on Movie Clip: For Flash Player, this feature allows a game developer to effectively pause/stop a running SWF without having to iterate through all of the
    objects on the DisplayList

You can download Flash Player 11.8 Beta for Windows and Mac from here.

AIR 3.8 Beta release notes

  • Datagram Socket (iOS & Android) are now supported for iOS and Android also.
  • DatagramSocket APIs Server Socket (iOS & Android) are now supported for iOS and Android also.
  • ServerSocket APIs LZMA SWF support (iOS & Android) LZMA compressed swfs can now be packaged for iOS and Android targets and are supported.

Download AIR 3.8 beta for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android platforms from here.


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