Do you love Quick Link Menu introduced in Windows 8 and want it on Windows 7 a freeware program adds it easily. To open this hidden menu in Win8 you need to hover mouse pointer to  bottom of left corner of screen or you can launch the same with Win+X shortcut, that’s why its been called as Win+X Menu.

Win+X menu allows you to quickly access most used desktop links/commands such as like Programs and features, Device Manager, Task Manager, Control Panel and Run command. Another use with this menu is its lets you quickly open command prompt with Admin privileges, it’s possible with the shortcut Win+X, A.

Customize Win X Menu in Windows 8 with Win+X Menu Editor

Snap Plus adds Quick Link (Win+X) Menu to Windows 7

Snap Plus freeware in beta emulates Windows 8’s Win+X menu on Windows 7 and on older Windows as well. You just need to install this application and you can launch Win+X menu with Win+X shortcut.

Win X Menu Windows 7

Snap Plus is mainly developed to enhance Windows 7 snap feature,”Configurable hot keys allow you to position the active window to any of the corners, edges, or to the center of the display. “

Snap Plus works on Windows XP/Vista/7/8.