Are you curious to know which information Firefox Health Report shows in the browser?, we’ve got you covered. On my Firefox 23 Nightly build, Firefox Health Report is displaying stats about Browser usage, and a graph about startup time by day and Raw Data tab is revealing data collected so far by Mozilla. Firefox 21 beta is also offering Health Report feature.

You can open Firefox Health Report (FHR) from Help Submenu of Firefox button or you can visit “about:healthreport” (without quotes) from address bar.

FHR shows statistical information about Firefox performance and stability, but it takes 14 days for browser to display that. Mozilla uses Raw data they collected in providing comparisons and tips in Health Report.

Tips shown by FHR on Beta and Nightly

If you use Beta on first day a tip is shown at the bottom of page with message “You’ll be able to see more interesting and detailed information the more you use your browser. Check back in a couple of weeks to start seeing some trends.”

On Nightly it is saying “your browser seems to be  running slower than usual” and asks to visit their support website and detailed information link takes to reset Firefox help page.

Browser Usage and Performance information displayed by Firefox Health Report

Vital Stats shows version information, browser open time, when was last crash occurred and total number of bookmarks you’ve. Number of crashes and browser total time open (in minutes) for current month will also be shown under This Month. Other information FHR shows includes: number of add-ons and plugins you’ve installed, enabled and disabled.

Startup Time by Day graphinformation displayed by Firefox Health reports

Startup Time by Day graph shows how much time browser took to load on Average by default,  less time in seconds is better. By clicking on “All” next to Average you can get startup times for 10 days (last 9  days and today).

Raw Data tab lets you see all data send to Mozilla servers. Click on Raw Data tab and scroll down to see the collected information, click On “Glossary” to understand about it.

Till now FHR hasn’t shown any browser comparisons data with Data Sharing on.

Read how to disable Firefox Health Report

What information FHR is showing in your browser? how this information will be useful to users? share your thoughts with us  in comments.

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