VideoLan has released 2.0.6 version of their VLC player for Windows, Linux and Mac is available for download from their website with stability bug fixes and improvements. This version has improved the stability, adds support for Matroska v4 files and fixed some bugs including the security ones one for instance is buffer Overflow vulnerability we mentioned in v2.0.5.

Whole list of changes in VLC 2.0.6

Till now VideoLan is used to redirect their visitors to SourceForge for file downloads which now has been changed as they’ve new download partners. And you should know that VideoLan you can download VLC player directly from VideoLan website website it self.

VLC Media Player version 2.0.6

Users on Mac able to update VLC through internal updater offered in the program. While Windows users will get it working after a while when their servers allows the load. So Windows users need to manually download VLC 2.0.6 version and install it on their computers.

VideoLan’s Felix Paul Kuhne blogs notable changes in this version in his blog they’re:

  • Improved playback for Apple-lossless audio, MKV files including support for Matroska v4, paletted codecs within AVI and FLAC
  • Overall improvements through updated codecs and third libraries, including but not limited to DVD playback
  • Improved Vimeo playlist parsing and HTML SRT subtitle rendering
  • Solved connectivity issue with certain https servers

Security Issues fixed are

  • Crash triggered by specifically crafted ASF files.
  • Use-after-free crash with Ogg file playback

VLC has been improved on Mac, Linux and Windows. Below are Windows specific improvements offered with VLC 2.0.6

* Fixed GPU decoding on Intel HD 2000/3000 cards.
* Fixed uninstallation from different locations than C:\.

VLC 2.0.6 uses new compiler for Windows version.

Download VLC Player.

Have you installed/upgraded to this version? which other media player do you use/like apart from VLC? share your opinions with us in comments.