You can now test Social API providers Cliqz, msnNow and Mixi on latest beta version. Back in October 2012, Mozilla has asked beta users to test Facebook Messenger for Firefox which has been build on Social API, now Mozilla wants to go more social by adding more providers like Cliqz, msnNOW, Weibo and Mixi in its browser. Firefox browser vendor now is asking beta users to test and submit the feedback on them to make them available to all users in future.

Mozilla wants to add more Social Providers to Firefox

Mozilla says in their future releases blog that “As more and more services integrate with Firefox via the Social API sidebar, it will be easy for you to keep up with friends, family, news, and events no matter where you are on the Web. For example, you can stay connected to your favorite social site or service even while you are surfing the Web, watching a video or playing a game.”

How to test and Activate Cliqz and msnNOW in Firefox Beta

First of all to test these social providers you need to be using latest Firefox beta version which you can download and install on your PC.

1. Next to activate Cliqz visit its activation page and click on “install” button.

2. To activate msnNOW, visit its activation page and click on “Turn it on” button.

After activating these, once you select the provider you can see their respective sidebar and notification buttons which lets you chat with your friends. You can able to disable or turn off selected Cliqz or msnNOW from notification icon that appears on extreme right of navigation bar.

msnNOW social provider menu

Nightly users can able to disable or remove Cliqz or msnNOW or both from services tab in Add-ons manger or select “manage services “from menu shown from notification icon to reach there.

Users in Japan can test Mixi through their Mixi accounts and China users will soon get the opportunity to test Weibo.

Is Mozilla going right way? do we require/have necessity to access these social services on sidebar? what do you say? share your thoughts with us in comments.

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