Have you found Notifications icon shown by Chrome in the system tray annoying? Instead of hiding it, you can remove it easily. From few days Chrome Canary and dev. builds started showing “Chrome – Notifications” icon in notification area on Windows 7 which has gray in color (means no unread messages), at present this icon has no use since Notification Center for Chrome is still in development where Google Now cards support is coming and also extensions can use this Notification Center to to show notifications.

Microphone Icon in System tray showing ‘Google Chrome is using your microphone’ Message

Double-click on this icon shows information about notifications you’ve, you can click on “Settings” to manage notification permissions for Google Drive and Gmail apps. By right clicking on the icon, you can able to select Quiet mode, Quiet mode for one hour and Quiet mode for one day. But you can’t get the option to close it, it appears in tray when you launch Chrome browser.

Chrome Notifications tray icon

Hiding Chrome – Notifications icon

To hide this icon, simply right-click on notification area and click on “customize” from there you can able to choose hide icon and notifications for Chrome Notifications icon. But if you don’t want it permanently follow the steps below.

Removing Chrome Notifications icon

1. Type about:flags in browser

2. Search for “Enable Rich Notifications” flag and choose the option as “Disabled” from drop down and then scroll down and click on “Relaunch now” button.

Chrome Notifications icon disappears from the tray. You need to do this for both canary & dev. builds.

Rich templated Notifications flag is enabled by default for Chrome Canary and Dev. channels on Windows and Chrome OS. If you enable this flag, both HTML5 notifications and app notifications will be shown through the new notification center.

Update 28 May 2014: Rich templated notifications flag has been removed by Google, you better now hide Chrome notifications icon using steps mentioned above.