Do you want Per-tab Private browsing feature in Firefox? sadly Mozilla natively won’t offers it for the browser but you can add to it with Private Tab add-on. Latest Firefox v20 offers per-window private browsing  which lets you open new private browsing window without closing the current session, but here Firefox clearly lacking Private Tab feature which Opera offers for their users. But greats news is that you don’t need to wait till Mozilla offers it instead you can add support for it to Firefox with an extension called  Private Tab.

Advantage with Private tab in a browser: With Private Tab you don’t need to open a separate window for Private browsing where you can able to open new Private Tab in the current session window it self and work with regular tabs. 

How to identify/recognize Private tab from regular tabs?: New Tab on hover shows private tab and Firefox button changes to pink color. As obvious browser history in private tabs won’t be saved.

Add Private Tabs to Firefox with an extension

All you need to do is visit Private tab add-on page in AMO and install it, since its a restartless add-on, you don’t need to restart the browser after its install.

After installing the Private Tab, you can able to see and open Private tab from context menus of tabs, Bookmarks and links. And there is also a toolbar button for quicker access, you can drag and drop it onto the navigation bar by selecting button from customize toolbar window.

Are you keyboard ninja? hotkey is there as well to open Private tab is Ctrl+Alt +V.  With this keyboard shortcut you can on/off the Private Tab  in the browser.

Private Tab Firefox

Download Private Tab Add-on (works on from Firefox 20 onwards).

Do you think Private Tab should be natively offered by Mozilla in Firefox browser? or will you satisfy with per-window private browsing? let me know your thoughts in comments.