Opera 12.15 final version with Presto engine has been released and available for download. Perhaps you may have to wait little longer for the release Opera powered by Blink, fork of Webkit which Chromium is working on.

Opera 12.15 could be last release powered by Presto engine? Next to come blink?

If you don’t know the News, Opera don’t want to put efforts on developing their Presto engine instead it wants to contribute to Chromium development. So Opera will bea  Chromium clone and all the specialty and user base Opera has till now will go?.

Opera 64-bit build, will it be available when it is based on Chromium?:  There are some doubts that needs to be answered by Opera when they release browser based on Chromium, for instance since Chromium doesn’t offer 64-bit built, will Opera offers it? is interesting question. Don’t forget Opera has added support for 64-bit builds from Opera 12 version. 

When coming to Opera 12.15 changelog its isn’t big with bug fixes and new features, after all an issue where search bar’s default search engine could be overridden by third party apps has been fixed. The  feature to prevent to search engine hijack has been introduced with Opera 12.13 release.

Opera 12.15  final with presto

On security- wide severe issue which not disclosed, details will be announced when all users were on latest version.

other additions and fixes are

  • safeguards against attacks on the RC4 encryption protocol were added.
  • A issue where cookies could be set for a top-level domain has been fixed.

Download Opera 12.15 for 64-bit also from here.

Opera 12.15 already has some issues: Mega doesn’t loads shows “connection closed by remote server “ error which has worked fine on Chrome and Firefox. Others users reporting default search engine always being reset to Google search on restart/launch of browser.

Opera users are you switching to Chrome or Firefox or stay with Opera blink which to be build on Chromium? share with us in comments.