Internet Explorer and Firefox has “work offline” mode, Google Chrome doesn’t have this mode, but currently Google is working on “Offline Cache Mode” feature for their browser which allows Chrome to load web pages from local cache. Offline Cache Mode presently available as flag in Canary and dev. channels.

Offline Cache Mode available for testing for Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS and Android being described as “Reads from web resources when the source is unavailable will be satisfied from available stale cache entries.”

Enabling Offline Cache Mode for Chrome

1. Visit Chrome://flags from address bar in browser.

2. Find “Enable Offline Cache Mode”, click on “Enable” button and scroll down to the bottom and and click on “Relaunch Now” button to restart the browser .

3.  Now disconnect from the internet, and try to load any pages or sites you’ve visited while ago in Chrome they’ll load, useful is it not?.

What do you think of Chrome’s Offline Cache Mode flag? don’t you think Chrome should be offering this feature by default? share your thoughts with us in comments.