You can’t install Windows 8 themes on Windows 7 because they’ve .deskthemepack extension, but the Deskthemepack Installer free app lets you install them easily and even lets you associate *.deskthemepack files in Windows 7, so that you can install panoramic or Win 8 compatible themes with a double click.

Panoramic themes are specially developed for Windows 8, where Windows 7 themes have .themepack extension. If you want to install those beautiful panoramic themes which Microsoft offers on personalization galley in Windows 7, its not that difficult, you can do that with Deskthemepack Installer freeware portable utility released by WinAero.

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Installing Panoramic & Windows 8 themes on Windows 7 effortlessly

1. All you need to do is visit panoramic themes page in Windows Personalization galley

2. Download and save any panoramic theme to your desktop.

3. Now download Deskthemepack Installer zip file from WinAero website and extract its contents to a folder and run the executable in it.

Using Deskthemepack Installer: Now in the app interface, click on “install a deskthemepack file”, and select the Panoramic theme file we’ve downloaded and saved earlier, that theme will be installed on Win7 without any problems.

Deskthemepack Installer for Windows 7

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How to permanently Add support for Windows 8 themes to Explore in Windows 7

If you want to install more win8 themes, instead of each time clicking on install deskthemepack file on the interface, you can permanently add windows 8 themes support to Windows 7 Explorer by associating  *. deksthempack file.

After setting the association (you need to click on Associate with *.deskthemepack files on app interface), you need to double click on Windows 8 themes which you do for Windows 7 regular themes to install, isn’t this procedure is easy?.

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You can always easily remove this association whenever you want from Windows 7 from app interface by clicking on “remove *.destkthemepack associations”.

Dev. says his program “does not provide autocolorization of window frames and/or panoramic view of wallpapers like in Windows 8. It just converts Windows 8 themes into format compatible with Windows 7.”

Microsoft Releases First Official Theme for Windows 8: Nightfall and Starlight

Deskthemepack Installer works on Premium, Ultimate, Professional and Enterprise versions of Windows 7 (but not on Home Basic and Starter editions).

We’ve tested this program on Windows 7 and using it we’ve successfully installed Panoramic bridges and Panoramic Deserts themes.

Do you like this app? Is there any other way to install Windows 8 themes easily in Windows 7? Let me know in the comments.