Google Drive now allows their users to view and edit their documents from in Chrome browser when they’re not connected to internet, but they need to complete two steps for that and these steps enables offline access to Google Drive on PC or Mac. After that users can able to view and edit Google documents, spreadsheets, and presentations offline. They can also view PDFs, Microsoft office files and any images stored on Google Drive folder offline, any changes made to files will be synced when internet connection becomes active.

Enabling Offline Access Mode for Google Drive on Windows Or Mac

1. Visit in Chrome browser, sign into it with your username and password.

2. Now click on “More” button on left and select “Offline” where two steps you need to complete will be shown on right-side of the screen (check the screenshot below), they’re:

  • installing Drive web app in Chrome
  • enabling offline editing.

If you’ve already Google Drive Chrome web app installed page shows you’ve the web app, if not you can install by following instructions shown on the page.

Google Drive Offline setup instructions

3. Next click on “Enable offline”  button (remember you shouldn’t be doing this on public or shared computer because it allows unauthorized access to Google accounts of user ) offline access is enabled message will be shown on screen.

You can disable offline access at any time by selecting “disable offline” from gear icon in