Version 1.9 for Google Drive has been released for Windows and Mac and is available for download with new features and improvements. This version allows offline access to Google Documents from Google Drive website and files download speed has been improved.

If you’ve Chrome on your computer having Google Drive client installed, then you can now access recent Google documents on when you’re offline. You can open and edit Google documents from drive folder and the changes will be synced when internet connection is restored.

When you select a file in Google Drive folder a new menu will be shown for Google Drive on right-click menu to share or view file on web.

Google Drive 1.9

“ Downloads now take about 50% less time. For accounts with many small files, the speed improvement is even more pronounced.”

Till now if you delete any item in Google Drive folder confirmation dialog shows and item will be send to Recycle bin, now this version of Google Drive limits these warnings to folders, Google documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms and drawing.

here is other improvement for Mac regarding sync status overlay icons

Because we made some back-end improvements, the overlays that appear on files when you sync your Drive folder will now be more accurate and consume fewer system resources.

You can find this version’s release notes here. Filehippo hasn’t got this version yet, don’t worry! here is offline installer link for Google Drive v1.9 of size 29.7 MB obtained using this method.