If you’ve heard about Gmail Blue prank on April 1st by Google you could know that by now that Google told it for fun, what if you really want Blue theme for Gmail interface? Guess what? A developer has made it real by creating an extension that actually turns Gmail to Gmail Blue, this extension is now available for download on the Chrome web store.

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How to turn Gmail interface to Blue

1. Visit Gmail Blue’s Chrome extension page.

2. Install the extension.

3. Sign into your Gmail account to get that theme, then everything in Gmail from compose button, icons to text will appear in Blue color.

Gmail Blue Chrome Extension

Though if you don’t like it, I think you’ll try it for once after seeing the hype about it in News and as usual, you can uninstall it by visiting chrome:// extensions page if you don’t like it.

Link: Gmail Blue Chrome Extension

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So, Gmail Blue is not an April Fools joke, you could get that for Gmail by installing Chrome extension. Blue theme for Gmail, have you liked it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.