If you’ve reading Google blog post and found Google gone all Blue for Gmail and saw “Nose” as one of Google property/service in Beta in search results before getting excited about these  two and start reading about them if you’ve forgotten you should know that today is April 1st, Fools Day.

Though we don’t remember much in 2012 but for April 2011 Google has introduced two new programs Chromercise, fitness program for fingers and Gmail Motion. Today its time for Gmail Blue and Google Nose.

Google Nose is definitely a good prank, may be Gmail Blue not that much

Gmail Blue: It took six years for Google to develop Gmail Blue where all icons are blue, text you’re writing in the body of composing window will be in blue color, its all blue. Inspiration for  Blue came from from Oceans, nature, sky and blue whales. They’ve tried orange, yellow and felt brown color was a disaster, finally decided to go with Blue for Gmail.

Gmail Blue

Google Nose :With the caption of “smelling is believing” lets you search for smells and Google has program that has indexed 15 million database of smells so far. Google NoseBETA leverages new and existing technologies to offer the sharpest olfactory experience available”.

How to try Google Nose?

For instance search for “wet dog” and Google displays information on right side of page with smell button and other buttons, click on “smell” button, bring your nose closer to the monitor and press enter or click on start smelling, scent will be instantly transmitted your screen to inhale.

Gogole Nose Prank

Have you liked Google’s pranks for this April 2013? which one you liked the most Gmail Blue or Google Nose? share with us in comments. Want to know of mine? its Google Nose.