Are you bored with the New Tab Page that you regularly see when you open New Tab in Google Chrome browser, meet an extension named New Tab Page which adds Google Now cards like Weather, News with Google Search,Voice search and it still shows NTP’s Most visited sites, Apps, so you’re not lacking traditional NTP anymore.

There are some Chrome extensions that brings more life and different appearance with useful information to New Tab Page like Awesome New Tab Page, Currently, start and incredible stat page but New Tab Page extension looks different from these.

Add Google Now cards to New Tab Page in Google Chrome

Using New Tab Page extension: Download and install the extension, you don’t need to sign into your Google account to get this extension. After adding the extension New Tab page shows Apps section, thumbnails of most visited sites, News headlines from Google News where “more news” link at bottom takes you to Google News site.

Google Chrome New Tab Page Google Now

By default Weather card shows Los angels temperature in Fahrenheit, you can change that to show for your city by clicking on “Use current location”.

This New Tab Page lets you hide Bookmarks bar which regular New Tab Page won’t allows it.

You may want to review permissions this extension have

  • It can access data on all websites
  • Detect your physical location (that for to show Weather of your city)
  • Read and modify your browsing history
  • Access your tabs and browsing history
  • Manager your apps, extensions and themes.

New Tab Page extension.

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