Add-ons Manager in Firefox browser generally offers four panels: Get Add-ons, Extensions, Appearance and Plugins where we more often access Extensions and Plugins tabs. In Firefox 22 Nightly build a new “Services” tab has been added which lets you enable Facebook Messenger that was disabled by default. We all know Mozilla has gone social with Facebook Messenger for their browser which has been built on social API. 

Enable Facebook Messenger for Firefox right from Services tab in Add-ons Manager

Till now to enable Facebook Messenger for Firefox you need to sign into your Facebook account with username and password and then need to visit Messenger for Firefox homepage and then you should click on “Turn” on button. Now there is another way to enable Messenger that is from Firefox add-ons Manager and here is how to do it.

1. Open Add-ons manager by selecting Add-ons from Firefox button

2. Click on “Services” tab and click on “Enable” button below Facebook Messenger.

Facebook messenger in Services tab

3. You can also disable the Messenger when not needed. This addition avoids visiting of Messenger page in your browser.

What do you think of this addition?are you using Facebook Messenger in Firefox? have you liked it? share with us in comments.