Mozilla to make WebRTC available for desktop version with Firefox 22 release. Mozilla has shared the news in their hacks blog that their first implemented WebRTC on Desktop will be released with Firefox 22 which is currently in Aurora, later will be available in Beta and stable channel. Mozilla has been testing WebRTC on Nightly and Aurora builds for some weeks for now with preferences for data channels and PeerConnection on by default. 

Firefox Nightly got TURN Support

What is TURN?:  TURN stands for ““Traversal Using Relays behind NATs”  is a standard for managing (allocating, using, and destroying) a relay session on a remote external server” .  Mozilla says “ TURN will increase the likelihood that a call will successfully connect, regardless of the types of NATs that the end points are behind.”

Mozilla aims to improve following features for WebRTC in future

  • Complete error and state reporting (spec compliant)
  • Recording API support
  • Persona integration
  • Multiple audio and video flows per Peer Connection (beyond 1 video flow and 1 audio flow)
  • Persistent permissions support (in the UX/UI)
  • AEC improvements
  • Improved call quality (especially audio latency)

Can’t understand WebRTC ?, let me explain in layman’s terms, at present for video chat we need to install any plugin like Flash or Java , WebRTC makes audio, video and data transfer in browser without need of plugin.

You can find documentation on WebRTC here and helpful introduction video on it here.