F-Secure Online Scanner now has got even better as it has been tweaked for faster scans and advanced rootkits removal. Free online Virus scanner from security vendor F-secure has been completely rebuild and its size has been trimmed down to 5 MB. Now this online scanner is more lighter, faster, powerful and can even remove advanced rootkits from affected computers. Its portable tool too, no installation is required.

F-Secure Online Scanner new features

1. Simple to use with lightweight of 5 MB in size, offers faster scanning.

2. Portable, no installation is required.

3. Immediately detects latest threats and Rootkits. Uses Deep Clean technology to remove Rootkits. “When Online Scanner detects a rootkit, it boots the machine into DeepClean, which removes the malware. After the removal DeepClean boots the machine back into Windows. All this is done automatically without any user actions.” says F-secure in its blog

Using F-Secure Online Scanner: Download Online Scanner and save to your computer. Run its executable and from its interface click on “Start” button to begin scanning for harmful applications on your PC.

F-Secure Online Scanner redesigned

F-secure online Scanner is not an Antivirus, you still need to install and use updated Antivirus on your computer to get protected from viruses and latest threats.

Do you like new F-secure Online Scanner? which online scanner do you use to check for viruses on your PC apart from Antivirus let me know in your comments.