When Google Chrome 26 was on dev.channel we’ve spotted the new context menus with white background and we’ve reported them here, which are now ported to stable channel. It seems most of users don’t like these white context menus, here is how disable them permanently and get back to old gray menu style with help of command line switch.

Before letting you know how to turn off those in Google browser, let me summarize the changes for you: Chrome settings menu has gone bigger in size and got white paint and context menu which appears when you right-click on page has also been changed to white color.

How to Disable new white context menus in Chrome 26

1. Right click on Chrome shortcut on desktop, select Properties

2. Hit the Shortcut tab, now in Target field at the end of “C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” after space add the following switch


adding command line swith to Chrome executable path

3. Click Apply and OK to add the change.

4. Now launch Chrome browser from the shortcut, you can see old menu style for both Chrome settings menu and context menu.

At present there is no other way than the procedure mentioned above to revert back to old  menus in Chrome. IMO there is no way Google will drop them unless gets huge criticism and feedback on it from users.

Has the workaround mentioned above worked for you? do you think Google will ditch this UI style for menus and brings old styled context menus back? share your thoughts with us in comments.