Firefox 21 Beta has been released and available for testing with new features like three states of UI for Do Not Track, ability to restore all removed thumbnails from most controversial New Tab Page and Health Report has been preliminary implemented which has been already available on Nightly and  Firefox developer builds.

Viewing Firefox health Report

To open Firefox health report, click on Firefox button and then hover mouse oven Help Submenu and select “Firefox Health Report” or type “about:healthreport” (without quotes) in the address bar and press enter.

If you’ve visited Health Report on first day, bottom of page shows tip to come back after couple of weeks to see more trends.

FYI, Firefox  comes with Data Sharing/Health Report turned on by default for browser, which means Firefox sends Raw data to Mozilla servers.

If you’ve any Privacy concerns, you can turn off data sharing or disable Firefox Health Report, then all data Mozilla received will be deleted from their servers after 180 days.

Disabling Firefox Health Report/stop data sharing with Mozilla

1. Visit about:config

2. Find and change the below preference value to false from true.