Yet another minor UI change which may annoy users has been landed on Firefox 23 nightly, the bookmark star button that appears in address bar which we use to bookmark pages to read later  has been moved and added next to the search bar on navigation toolbar by default, this change is part of Australis design.

Australis interface to merge Firefox’s search bar and address bar into one like Chrome’s ominbox (want Omnibox in Firefox right now? install Omnibar extension), you can check the live preview of tab interface here. And the plan is to remove “bookmark this menu” item from address bar which has now implemented in nightly.

bookmark star button moved out of address bar

Mano says reasons to move Bookmark star button outside of location bar in Bug 748894  

1) As it’s the "default action" for the button now, it should have been, if at all, at the top of the menu. However, if we do that we’d also have to move up the Subscribe menu item, which isn’t something we want to do.
2) Because toolbarbuttons aren’t keyboard-accessible, we don’t need a menu-item for the default action.

Other than that, we also figured it’s somewhat buggy:
1) It’s labeled "Bookmark This Page" even when the page is already bookmarked.
4) It’s not disabled when the button is.

This usability change is not acceptable in IMO, may be Mozilla face more criticism when they enable Australis tab design for browser. Now to bookmark pages in Nightly we need to take our mouse pointer after the search bar and then click on star button.

Do you like this change? what do you think of Australis tab design? there will be any usability problems with it in future? share with us in comments.