Want to know all Twitter users you’ve blocked? there is an app for that called Blocked By Me which also lets you unblock blocked users on Twitter. Twitter is a noisy place, that’s why most users block some in their timeline to avoid annoying and spam tweets, but if you want to know or see number of twitter users along with their names you’ve blocked Twitter doesn’t provides intuitive way for it. Meet Blocked By Me, this site lets you see all users you’ve blocked on Twitter and allows you to unblock each one easily with a single click.

How to get List of People Blocked by You on Twitter

This site uses Oauth authentication to connect to your Twitter account, it only knows your username but not able to see the password or access your Direct Messages. And at any time you can revoke access to this app by accessing APPs tab from Settings page.

Using BlockedByMe:

Visit the site URL in browser and click on Sign in with Twitter, Twitter warns you to authorize Blocked by Me to use your Twitter account. Please carefully read what the app able to do on behalf of you, then enter you username and password ,next click on “sign in” button then Twitter redirects you back to the application site.

View blocked Twitter users and unblock them

Clicking on “Show my blocked users” button shows list of users you’ve blocked with the following information for each one: joined date and location, followers and following people count, total tweets posted till now and last tweeted time and date with an unlock button on right.

To unblock someone click on  “Unblock this user” on right.

number of users blocked by you with an option to unblock each one

As per their privacy policy, site says they don’t send unauthorized tweets or DMs from your account. They also promising they don’t irritate you with automated replies and mentions and your blocking data will be kept as private.

If you’ve unintentionally blocked someone on Twitter you can easily unblock that person using this service. Have you found this service useful? how many people you’ve blocked on Twitter?  let me know in comments.