Is your Anti-keylogger software specially developed to encrypt keystrokes and prevent them from being reaching hands of hackers through legit/malicious keyloggers is really working or not? If you’ve any doubts, you can find that out with legit, safe and free portable software Anti-keylogger Tester on your computer.

Testing KeyScrambler Personal with Anti-keylogger Tester

Here we’re going to test latest version 3.0 of keyscrambler personal, which has added support for Google Chrome and Windows 8 recently.

How anti-keylogger tester tests?

by simulating 7 different keystroke capture techniques as well as desktop captures.
If your anti-keylogger software works as advertised, AKLT should not be able to log any of your keystrokes while your keylogger protection is active. Otherwise it will inform you and display the captured keystrokes.


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Download SpyShelter Personal Free –Anti Keylogger Software

Using Anti-Keylogger Tester: Download the program zip file, extract its contents to a folder. Use “snapfiles” without quotes as password to access both the readme and program Anti-keylogger Tester (AKLT) executable.

Though AKLT program is safe to use and virus-free, it can be flagged as malicious/dangerous by antivirus installed on your computer. You should expect this to happen and you need to allow the program to run.

To start testing, on the program interface click on “Getkeystate” and try to type something on any of form fields/login boxes in any one of browser and see which keystrokes the program intercepts.

But since keyscrambler encrypts keystrokes, keylogger should get encrypted keystrokes, which in fact what intercepted and shown on its interface in our testing (check the screenshot below), similarly click on “Getkeyboardsstate and try to type something in any.

keystrokes intercepted by Anti-Keylogger Tester

Note: Though program name is Anti-keylogger tester, its interface displays it as “Firewall Leak Tester”.

Download Anti-Keylogger Tester

Do you use anti-keylogger or Internet security suit on your computer? If so has it passed the Anti Keylogger test? Let me know in the comments.

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