Want to know which Firefox add-on is eating system resources?, you can easily find that by installing an extension. By default Mozilla offers about:memory page for Firefox browser which shows too much technical information that users can’t understand, meet about:addons-memory extension which shows memory used by all add-ons in Firefox browser, so that you can remove the most memory used ones.

Find Which add-on is Slowing down Firefox browser?

Using about:addons-memory extension:  Download and install this restart less extension which adds experimental about:page to Firefox about page. Now you simply need to type “about:addons-memory” (without quotes) in the address bar and press enter to see memory usage statistics of add-ons in Firefox browser.

Extension about:page displays memory used by this extension including the browser also. If you’ve found unnecessary add-on using too much memory remove it, you’re recommended to uninstall unnecessary add-ons after testing or first use. With less add-ons you can get more responsive and speedy Firefox browser.

Firefox add-ons memory usage statistics displayed in about page

I recommend you take look at Dormancy add-on which automatically unloads inactive tabs in browser and try Memory restart extension which restarts Firefox automatically if memory usage is high.

Download About:addons-memory

Do you like this add-on? don’t you think this should be natively built into browser? which add-on you’ve found using more memory? share with us in comments.