This article guides you on how to install or remove Avast Ad Blocker from your Computer. Avast has released v8 with Ad Blocker, Software Updater, Browser cleanup tool and other new features where Ad Blocker is optional feature powered by Ad block Plus which you need to install on your own.

Update: Avast Ad blocker is no longer available, it has been removed by security vendor from its Antivirus.

Installing Avast Ad Blocker

If you’ve already installed Avast on your computer

1.  open Avast user interface, click on Settings

2.  Click on “Browser Integration” on left

3.  Now click on “Install” button opposite to “Ad Blocker not installed“ for specific browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome.

installing or  uninstalling Avast Ad blocker

4. You can install Ad Blocker for all three browsers.

But you should know that Ad Blocker may not install for Firefox browser if Ad block Plus already installed and similarly you may not install it for nightly and aurora/beta channels of Firefox.

Since Chrome blocks extensions installed by Applications on Windows so you need to allow this extension install and after that, you can enable Ad Blocker by visiting chrome://extensions page.

Uninstalling  or removing Avast Ad Blocker

You can uninstall Ad blocker in two ways: one, using Avast user interface and two, from the Control Panel.


1. Close all browsers, open Avast user interface,

2.  Settings> Browser Integration>click “Uninstall” button for specific browser or all browsers.

II. To completely uninstall or remove Avast Ad blocker from all browsers and computer

1. Open Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features (add/remove Programs in XP)

2. Select “Avast Ad Blocker” and click “Uninstall” button and follow instructions on screen.

3. You need to restart the browser(s) for the changes to take effect.

Do you know how to install Ad Blocker of Avast? Have you faced any difficulty in removing it, if so share with us in comments.