New compose Pop-up window in Gmail has been made as default one by Google. Back in October 2012 Gmail asked you to try their new Compose experience for sending messages. Have you liked it? do you like it or not Gmail team has made it default for everyone now. Over the next few days you won’t be able to switch back to old compose and you have to live with new Compose window that appears on right-side once opened.

Gmail’s Old Compose going away very soon, start getting used to New compose

Google says their redesigned new compose is simple, fast and Powerful with streamlined look lets you check emails while you’re typing and also allows to send two messages at once.

Gmail New Compose window

This new compose supports pop-out replies and lets you insert large files from Google drive up to 10 GB as traditional attachments. You can also label and star when composing and using canned Reponses tab.

So have you adopted to New compose? do you like it being made as default? are you missing old compose which likely will not come back? what you like and don’t like in new compose? share your thoughts with us in comments.