CCleaner version 4.0 has been released for Windows and available for download. Back in February with the release of CCleaner v3.28 Piriform has said they’re going to release major version 4.0, yesterday it has been released with improved graphics, new icons with support for new apps and performance improvements. This version has added Duplicate File Finder tool to the free or standard version where professional version got System and Browser Monitoring feature.

CCleaner v4.0 is here with new features and performance improvements

Apart from enhanced user interface that offers improved graphics and icons, internal architecture of tool has been improved for better performance. New applications/programs that gets cleaning support are: Avast 8, Photoshop CS6, Real Player 16 and Samsung Kies.

Other improvements were made related to registry cleaning and Drive wiper. Startup detection algorithm and 64-bit builds on Windows 7 and 8 have been optimized.

CCleaner 4 user interface

Duplicate File Finder tool offered in CCleaner, how good is it?

Here we should need to talk about Duplicate file finder tool which you can find in “Tools” of interface as “File Finder”. This tool searches for duplicate files in your hard drives and shows them if found by their Name, Path, size and Creation date. You can select and delete these to gain valuable disk space.

We’re impressed with tool’s performance though you should safely select and delete files as it can show system files in Windows directory as duplicate files also. You can able to save duplicate files shown by tool to a text file, we suggest you to analyze it carefully before deletion.

duplicate file finder tool offered in CCleaner

And CCleaner’s Professional version which is not free offers system and browser monitoring lets you “set CCleaner to run every time you shut down your browser, or you can set it to monitor your entire system in the background and detect when to Clean based on disk space that can be saved!”.

If you don’t know you can set CCleaner to clean browser history and other before shutting down your computer read Make CCleaner to Shutdown Windows Automatically After Cleaning.

Download CCleaner v4.0

What’s your take on CCleaner 4 and duplicate tool offered with it?, let me know your thoughts in comments.