If you’re facing any issues right now in uninstalling Avast you can easily do that and reinstall Avast or other antivirus you’ve previously used. If you’re not able to remove Avast antivirus, we’ve got you covered as the company offers uninstall utility for it aka Avast Uninstall Utility.

Uninstalling Avast from Control Panel

1. Click on Control Panel on Start menu

2. Click on Programs>Programs and Features> select “Avast Free antivirus“ and click “Uninstall/change” button

3. Avast self defense module comes in your way click “Yes” to proceed with the uninstall and further follow instructions on the screen, reboot the system once uninstall finishes.

If you’re not able to uninstall Avast or encountered errors during its uninstall follow the below procedure.

Removing Avast with Awsclear or uninstall utility offered by Avast

1. Download Awsclear and run it.

2. Start Windows in safe mode.

3. Select Avast product and make sure correct path of Avast installed directory is shown on screen and and click “uninstall” button.

uninstalling avast 8 with its uninstall utility

Avast software uninstall utility

4. Avast uninstall utility clears all its program files, folders and registry entries, restart your computer once program successfully removed message was shown.

You can even remove leftovers that missed by Avast uninstall utility with Avast Cleanup tool, you can also give it a try after that.

NOTE: This article has been rewritten and updated on January 28,2 017.

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