Soon Dropbox to allow its users to view all documents like Microsoft Office files, PDF files, text files and code snippets directly in the browser without needing to download them to computer. Dropbox calling this feature as “file previews”. Dropbox to also make sharing of your photos and videos easier, this preview feature been called as “albums”.

If you’re excited and wants to try these features immediately you should know that it may take few weeks for these to available for public, good news is that Dropbox now allowing to signup for early access to its file previews and albums.

Previewing documents in

For instance, consider a situation where your friend or colleague shared a word document having meeting details in it where you don’t have Office installed on your Computer, instead of installing the software you can able to view the file directly in

signup for  Dropbox Preview documents feature

Dropbox to also make it easy to share the file you’re viewing with others, for that all you need to do is click in top right of preview.

Link: Early access to file previews

With albums Dropbox to let you organize, view and share Photos. Till now you can able to share single photo, with this you can able to share collection of photos immediately over Facebook, Twitter and email.

Link: early Access to albums

To try upcoming file previews and Albums in Dropbox, visit those links in browser one after another and sign into your Dropbox account with your email and password to join with others.

Are you excited about these features? share with us in comments.